Bharatpur – Birders Paradise

About Baharatpur

The Keoladeo National Park, better known as Bharatpur, is one of the best places in the country for bird watchers and bird photographers during winter season. The forest is just 29 Sq. Km in area with created wetlands for wetland birds. Even though such a small in size but having very high potenetial & distinction. It was royal Duck shooting reserve in the times of Maharajas. It was declred wildlife Sanctuary in 1956. It was then upgraded as a national park in 1981.It is listed as a Ramsar site. It is a World Heritage and an Important Bird Area.

About one third area is wetland and rest is scrub, woodland and grassland. Keoladeo is regarded as one of the finest heroinries in India. About one third avifauna is resident and equal number is migrant.

How to reach

Bharatpur is well connected by Air or Train. Nearest Airport is Agra. Take a taxi from there to reach Bharatpur. New Delhi International Airport is also close by to reach Bharatpur by Taxi.

Some important train connections are : Golden Temple Mail, Paschim Express etc. You can reach Agra or Delhi and take a Taxi from there.

Weather Conditions

Weather in Bharatpur remains hot during the summers that spans from March to June. October and November witnesses pleasant weather in Bharatpur. Winters here sets in December, peak in January and February. Winter temperatures are as low as 3 to 5 degrees. Particularly in the park it is quiet freezing during peak winters.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels & resorts close to National Park and the area is called Saras Circle. However I stayed in Iora Guest House. Mr. Devendra Singh is the owner and himself birdlover. Contact : Devendra Singh – +91 9828041294

I also stayed in Falcon Guest House near Saras Circle.

Contact : Divijay Singh – +91 8209929254.

Only Cycle Rickshaws are allowed inside the park and you need to book in advance. However these guest house owners will book it for you if you inform them in advance.

Best Time to visit

Best time to visit Bharatpur is in winter. Nov to March are the best months to visit. This depends on the rainfall of the season, if it is too high during monsoon then the migratory birds arrive late.

Photography Opportunities

Bharatpur has enormous species of wetland birds including famous Saras Cranes. However watching the Oriental Darters phishing is awesome. You can watch number of cormorants & Darters phishing in the lake whole day. Off course photographing the exact moment requires patience & skill. Darters first dart the fish and then they toss it in the air and then catch it and gulp the fish. In below sequence you can see the complete process.

Apart from Darters another attraction of Bharatpur is Saras Cranes. Watching their dance during mating season is interesting. Look at the pics below.

Few action shots clicked at Bharatpur

Landscapes of Bharatpur

Landscapes of Bharatpur are equally mesmerising. Specially in winter , complete park is covered with fogg till noon. It is best opportunity to click high key images. Few of the Landscape images are posted below.

Sunset photography in Bharatpur is another attraction. Look at the images posted below.

Wildlife @ Bharatpur

Apart from birds, you can surely see Jackal , Jungle Cat, Civet Cat, Spotted Dears and other animals.

Canopy’s are best seen in Bharatpur. There are many diversions in the park where you can walk through. With each diversion the canopy is formed due to large trees. Look at the pics below

You can also visit Agra & Chambal from Bharatpur. Typically for Tajmahal in Agra and Indian Skimmers and Ghadiyal in Chambal. Watch my next blog for further details.

Published by Mukund Karadkhedkar

Engineer by profession and Wildlife Photographer by passion. Loves nature.

2 thoughts on “Bharatpur – Birders Paradise

  1. Lovely photographs and very good narration of Kroladei Nation Park a bird sanctuary at Bharatpur,Rajasthan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully narrated and excellent pictures.
    I visited the park on 23 and 24 February 2023 and sighted different species of birds and mammals.
    Would like to read more blogs in future. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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