Blackbuck Aka Indian Antelope

The blackbuck, also known as the Indian antelope, is an antelope native to India and Nepal. It inhabits grassy plains and lightly forested areas with perennial water sources. It stands up to 74 to 84 cm high at the shoulder. Males weigh 20–57 kg, with an average of 38 kg. Wikipedia

In Maharashtra local language the blackbuck is known as Kalvit.

You can easily spot this beautiful animal near Pune at the place called Rahekuri Kalvit Abhayaranya or Rahekuri Blackbubk Sanctuary. I visited this place last year in January. It was hard to spot them since we reached there in the afternoon. However after lot of search in the forest we could see them from the distance but they quickly vanished sensing the danger. This animal is very shy and scared of our presence. They quickly camouflaged themselves in the light yellow grass. Still we were lucky to capture few record shots.

Published by Mukund Karadkhedkar

Engineer by profession and Wildlife Photographer by passion. Loves nature.

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