Kaas Pathar – Maharashtra’s Valley of Flower

Mother Nature paints a breath taking canvas in the sky each and every day and on the lands of Kaas during August to Octomber each year. It’s a blessing to enjoy this view and capture the beauty. Visit this heavenly place atleast once to enjoy natures canvas.

The Kas Plateau Reserved Forest, also known as the Kaas Pathar, is a plateau situated 25 kilometres west from Satara city in Maharashtra, India.It falls under the Sahyadri sub cluster of the Western Ghats, and it became a part of a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2012. (Wikipedia) .

It is a Biodiversity Hot spot known for various types of seasonal wild flowers bloom and numerous species of endemic butterflies annually in the months of August and September. The plateau is situated at an altitude of 1200 meters and is approximately 10 square kilometers in area. Kaas has more than 850 different species of flowering plants.These include Orchids, shrubs such as the Karvy, and carnivorous plants such as Drosera Indica. Kaas Pathar is a plateau made from volcanic rocks in the Satara district of Maharashtra, and comes under the biosphere of the Western Ghats. The flora of Kaas i.e. the entire flowering plants and their related plants are typically restricted to that particular locality only.This is because the plateau is largely formed of basalt which is directly exposed to atmosphere.The basalt is almost covered entirely by a thin cover of soil formed due to erosion and has accumulated a layer of not more than an inch or so.

Kaas Plateau view during the full bloom looks very beautiful. Its a Landscape painted in vivid colours by Nature. You can look at the photographs below.

How to reach there

Distance from Satara – 25 Kms.

Distance from Pune : 140 Kms. App.

Nearest Airport : Pune

If you are traveling from Mumbai or any other city in Maharashtra, you can take the train to Satara. There are good hotels in Satara for stay. For journey from Satara to Kaas is hardly 1 Hour by Bus. If you are traveling with your own vehicle it would be little less but looking at the scenic views, one tends to take few photo stops and the time remains same. The view en route is mesmerizing. You can’t resist urge to stop over and click beautiful landscapes. Some of the photographs below are clicked on the way to Kaas from Satara. You can also see Ajinkyatara fort on the way.

Online Booking

Online booking for Kaas Pathar visit is advised. You can also buy tickets on the spot but entry is restricted to limited number of guests. So best way is to book in advance online. Below is the official website address for online booking.
Official Website Of Kaaswww.kas.ind.in

Seven to eleven in the morning and four to six in the evening is the ideal  time for photography ,because you can capture the true beauty of the colors in that soft light. Harsh light of the noon makes the colors look dull and the flowers not so fresh. You can also get good photographs even in the afternoon ,if the sky is cloudy. 

Weather changes often in such mountain terrains . Bright sunshine can be replaced by cloudy gloomy weather and sudden showers in a span of just a few minutes. That’s the real beauty and attraction of visiting such places. Sudden showers make visitors run to find shelter . We get so engrossed in the lap of nature and thousands of beautiful flowers that even if the weather is sweltering hot and humid we hardly notice it .

However we cannot see it all,  in a day. We have to visit Kaas repeatedly to experience the real beauty of the nature.

Food Arrangements

Food Arrangements – During your walk towards small lake you will find few villagers selling Nimbupani ( Fresh Lemon water ) and Pithala Bhakari (Maharashtrian cuisine) but the best place to dine is Shree Leela restaurant. This is amazing place for lunch and even for stay. It is just 5 kms from Kaas entrance on the route of Kaas to Satara. It is surrounded by lush green forest and good view of valley and hills. You can inform him in advance on below numbers.

Shree Leela resorts, Kaas Road. Mr. Ravi Mane : +91 98812 52648

In recent years Kaas Administration has started the Bus service for commuting to Plateau from car parking. The charges for the bus travel is INR 10 per head. However you should be prepared for walking at least 3 to 4 Kms if you wish to see complete flowering. Off course it is worth and you enjoy the walk.

Kaas plateau has many beautiful flowers. You need to observe with lots of patience and focus. If you love flower photography then this is treasure for you. Each flower will have beautiful or colourful insect sucking nectar. There are ample quantity of Butterflies and dragonflies and grasshoppers. You are not permitted to go close to flowers by crossing barricades. However many visitors still jump over the barricades and sit on the flowers for selfies. It is really bad and should be strictly avoided.

I have visited Kaas at least 3 to 4 times and every time I could click different variety of flowers.

Some more views of the beautiful plateau and flower pics.

You can also spot few birds in the valleys. However there is one bird most commonly spotted there that is Created Lark or Chandol. See below pics.

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