Tamhini Ghat – Close to Nature Close to City

Monsoon brings with itself a plethora of experiences and opens new horizons for a traveler and nature enthusiast. This isn’t surprising as it implies to all the creatures in nature as well. This is the season of procreation and reproduction for variety of different species from insects to birds. Monsoon gives rebirth to the components of ecosystem, that have been flushed out by harsh and dry summers. It’s the time for new green shoots of grass which covers entire landscapes and mountains with their lush green colour and texture. This description of monsoon is incomplete without a hot ginger Tea or Spicy Bhutta in the laps of nature. Sitting close to lush green mountains witnessing the stunning waterfalls and foggy roads and misty surroundings make the experience heavenly. It suddenly starts to rain and as a spectator, I am enthralled to witness this epic display of nature.

This all can be actually experienced at “Tamhini Ghat”  Very popular picnic spot for nature lovers & shutterbugs. Tamhini Ghat is also popular weekend gateway for Punites during monsoon.

Where is Tamhini Ghat located?

This beautiful Ghat is located between the Mulshi and the Tamhini. This crest of western Ghat is 40 KM away from Pune. It is very much popular among the locals of Mumbai and Pune therefore you will get to see people flocking to this place during weekends.

Why it is so special?

It is a gorgeous mountain pass. The view from here is amazing. You can experience the nature in its true sense. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, this Ghat near Pune justifies its geographical significance. In addition to this, you will enjoy the lovely long drive to this picturesque Ghat. You will also get to see several waterfalls, especially during the monsoon. People usually come up with extra clothes so as to drench in these waterfalls.

Mulshi Lake

During your return journey, you will pass by Mulshi Lake. This Lake is also a popular stop for tourists. The lake looks amazing during monsoon. You can plan a one-day outing here and enjoy boating.

Best Time to visit.

Monsoon is the right time as you will get to see waterfalls and yes the fog due to rain makes the mountains look more beautiful. One thing to keep in mind is to ensure that roads are safe as the roads are generally affected during this time.

Tamhini Ghat is equally beautiful in winter. During Oct-Nov-Dec you can see blooming of wild flowers across the ghat section. Many table lands on the way are fully covered with Yellow or pink flowers surrounded by lush green mountains.

You can enjoy and photograph the farmers working in the Paddy Fields for planting of Paddy saplings. This is beautiful scene to watch and also to capture in the camera.

Tamhini ghat is also famous for photography of ODKF ( Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher ) which is popularly known as Konkan’s Jewel. But you should know the precise location otherwise it is very difficult to find this beauty. We tried a lot but could not capture this bird. You can surely give it a try.

Journey to Tamhini ghat from Pune is scenic and very interesting for shutterbugs. You can see below photographs clicked on the way to Tamhini Ghat.

You can see the tourists enjoying the famous waterfall of Tamhini.

Published by Mukund Karadkhedkar

Engineer by profession and Wildlife Photographer by passion. Loves nature.

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