Monsoon Magic

Monsoon brings with itself a plethora of experiences and opens new horizons for a traveler and nature enthusiast. This isn’t surprising as it implies to all the creatures in nature as well. This is the season of procreation and reproduction for variety of different species from insects to birds. MonsoonContinue reading “Monsoon Magic”

ODKF Photography

ODKF – Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher also called as colour bomb. A brilliantly colored, tiny forest kingfisher with a coral-red dagger bill. It has a dark blue back and wings and pale orange underparts. Crown is fuschia-red, with a dark spot on the forehead and blue and white patches on theContinue reading “ODKF Photography”

Calendar 2022

Welcome to the additional birds information. See below the birds and more details about the bird printed on the calendar page. January : White Rumped Shama A thrushlike bird with a long, graduated tail. Males are glossy black above and rich chestnut below. Females are similar but paler. Juveniles areContinue reading “Calendar 2022”

Chinkara Deer

We were looking for Raptors in the Bhigwan grasslands and not in the mood of clicking any mammals. And then this Chinkara Male was challenging me from distance. I liked the frame and then the pic was captured.

Kavdi Paat Birding

Kavadi is a small village at about 20 Km from Pune which is full of water birds. There is a small bridge on water body from where you can spot birds on both sides. Here you have opportunity to photograph River Turns, Common Teal, Spot Billed Duck, Common Sandpipers, Black winged stilt, Brahminy duck, Eurasian coot etc.


निसर्गाचे विविध रंग अतिशय मनमोहक रुपात इथे दिसतील. प्रत्येक ऋतूत भोवतालचा परिसर वेगेवगळ्या रुपात आपल्याला भेटत असतो. माझ्या ब्लॉग्स मध्ये अशा निसर्गसुंदर स्थळांचे छायाचित्रा सहित वर्णन तुम्हाला वाचायला मिळेल.

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