Weekend Getaways near Pune

Places Near Pune

Kavdi Paat Birding

Kavadi is a small village at about 20 Km from Pune which is full of water birds. There is a small bridge on water body from where you can spot birds on both sides. Here you have opportunity to photograph River Turns, Common Teal, Spot Billed Duck, Common Sandpipers, Black winged stilt, Brahminy duck, Eurasian coot etc.

Kaas Pathar – Maharashtra’s Valley of Flower

The Kas Plateau Reserved Forest, also known as the Kaas Pathar, is a plateau situated 25 kilometres west from Satara city in Maharashtra, India. It is a Biodiversity Hot spot known for various types of seasonal wild flowers bloom and numerous species of endemic butterflies annually in the months of August and September. Kaas has more than 850 different species of flowering plants.These include Orchids, shrubs such as the Karvy, and carnivorous plants such as Drosera Indica.

Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve and the surrounding area is the real story area of Rudyard Kipling’s famous “The Jungle Book”. The forest areas of the Pench Tiger Reserve have a glorious history.

माझी ताडोबाची जंगल सफारी

ताडोबा अंधारी व्याघ्र प्रकल्प हा महाराष्ट्रातील अतिशय सुंदर व सर्वात मोठा प्रकल्प आहे. भारतात एकूण ४७ व्याघ्र प्रकल्प आहेत त्यापेकी एक ताडोबा अंधारी व्याघ्र प्रकल्प आहे. हा प्रकल्प चंद्रपुर जिल्ह्यात स्थित आहे व नागपुर पासून दीडशे किलोमीटर वर आहे. ताडोबा हे नाव स्थानिक  आदिवासींच्या देवतेच्या नावावर ठेवले आहे व अंधारी नावाची नदी तेथून वाहाते म्हणूनContinue reading “माझी ताडोबाची जंगल सफारी”

Tamhini Ghat – Close to Nature Close to City

Tamhini Ghat is a gorgeous mountain pass. The view from here is amazing. You can experience the nature in its true sense. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, this Ghat near Pune justifies its geographical significance.

Sinhagad Valley birding

Sinhagad Valley is amazing place for Bird watching and bird photography. It is famous for variety of Flycatchers . These tiny little colourful birds are very beautiful and active during early morning time.

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Home to Chinkara Deer

Mayureshwar wildlife sanctuary is located near Jejury in Pune district. This place is famous for Indian Gazelle also called as Chinkara deer in local language. Other animals found here are hyena, Indian grey wolf and Indian fox. It is also home for variety of birds.

Naneghat trek – Amazing monsoon experience

Naneghat is a mountain pass in the western Ghat range near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. During the reign of Satavahana ( 200 BCE-190 CE ), the pass was extensively used as a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar. Literally the name Nane means “Coins” and ghat means “Pass”. The name is given because this path was used as a tollbooth to collect toll from traders crossing the hills.

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