Madheghat Waterfall


About Madheghat

Madhe ghat is located around 55 km from Pune bordering Raigad district. On the way you can see Torna Fort, Rajgad, Raigad and backwaters of Bhatghar dam. From this place, you can have a view of vast area such as Raigad fort, Lingana, Varandha ghat and Shivthar Ghal.

In history, when the great warrior Narveer Tanaji Malusare died in the Sinhagad battle, his body was to be taken for last rites in his native village Umrathe near Poladpur. Tanaji Malusare’s funeral procession was taken to his native place from this Madhe ghat route.

The drive is very scenic and beautiful. Most of the drive is through dense Jungles & paddy fields. If you visit this place immediately after monsoon, you can see lush green all over and  colorful flowers on the road. It is must visit place for Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. The photographers can’t resist stopping frequently on the road to click beautiful landscapes & flowers.

We ( Myself & my friend Abhijit Pore ) visited this place on 28th Oct 2017. We went by the route :

Pune –>  Khadakwasla Dam –>  Pabhe ghat –>  Velhe village –>  Madhe Ghat –> Velhe village –>  NH-4 –>  Pune.

After Velhe village, we took left turn for Madhe Ghat. Forest was very dense and sometime it was difficult to spot road after taking some crazy curves.  After crossing few mountains we saw spectacular view of Sahyadri ranges. You need to cross at least 5-6 Mountains to reach at Kelaad village.  Sign board helped us to spot the Madhe ghat route and we took a left turn and crossed a small bridge. From here onwards either you can go on bike for last 1.5km road patch or you can have a walk. You can try taking you car till the waterfall but it is risky. Many people prefer to walk after that small bridge. We preferred to take our car because my friend Abhijit Pore was a rider and very confident for his Skoda Fabia. Off course it was fun to drive through the big stones & mud but the driver’s skill was needed. Finally we reached the point where you can see big table land and an amazing view. You cant see waterfall from this side & you have to walk to the opposite side of waterfall. We walked with our Photography Gear ( Camera + Lenses + Tripod ) to the other side of table land & the view was  amazing. We kept looking at the table land & water falling through the edge of the rock. It was mesmerizing.

We returned after clicking lots of pictures in various angles. I used Canon 10-18 mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens to capture the wider view. The flowers below are captured with Canon 55-250mm Kit Lens.

We were very hungry by this time and stopped at one Hotel for the lunch. They served us nice Pithala Bhakari & Akkha Masur. Finally reached home with a satisfied Phototour.


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Published by Mukund Karadkhedkar

Engineer by profession and Wildlife Photographer by passion. Loves nature.

26 thoughts on “Madheghat Waterfall

  1. Very good. One can visualise beauty of nature, while reading. Suggest to more details like, time estimate, things to carry, nearest possible hault, travel options other than own car and like.


  2. Fantastic. I recall following quote while going through your blog.

    “To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.” ~Henri Cartier-Bresson


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