Sarada Superba : Fan throated Lizard

Male Fan Throated Lizard

Sarada Superba is a species of agamid Lizard found in Maharashtra, India popularly known as Fan Throated Lizard.

Deepak, Bhosale & Giri discovered 5 new species of this Lizard in Maharashtra and Karnataka in 2016 after a search of almost 3 years.

The species name comes from Latin word ‘Superbus’ meaning ‘magnificent’ and refers to the vibrant colours of its dewlap and Sarada is local name of these family of Lizards.

Fan Throated Lizards are small ground dwellers. The males flaunt a multihued, fan-shaped fold of skin on their throats during breeding season.

One prominent feature of Fan Throated Lizard is the morphology, including size and colour of the dewlap , a loose foldable flap on the throat becomes more vivid as males grow and become sexually mature. Females do not have dewlap.

A male FTL will use his dewlap to woo a would be partner by puffing it into a fan. This is made by the extension of a cartilaginous structure underneath the skin.

When displaying, males climb to higher ground- like a Boulder or tree branch then arch their backs upwards and stretch out the fans.

Male in standing position

All the pictures are clicked at Chalakewadi near Satara district in Maharashtra India.

Female Sarada Superba

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