Tadoba Jungle Safari


About Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve TATR ) is situated in Chandrapur district in Maharashtra. It is app. 150 km from Nagpur. TATR is the largest and most beautiful project for Save Tiger. Tadoba is the name of the God worshipped by local tribes. Andhari is the name of the river flowing through this jungle. Hence it is called as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

How to Reach there

You can reach Chandrapur via train and from Chandrapur local transport is easily available on the railway station. The distance from Chandrapur railway station to Tadoba jungles is 44 km. You need 2 hrs travel from Chandrapur railway station to reach Tadoba buffer area. You can also reach Nagpur via train or Flight and book a private taxi from Nagpur to Tadoba jungles. Travel time is 4 – 5 hrs.

Stay at Tadoba

There are number of resorts in Tadoba for comfortable stay. I prefer to stay in MTDC resort. It is very close to Moharli gate and surrounded by lush green forest. You can book MTDC resort online.

It is important to book your gate entry well in advance. Normally online booking starts 3 months in advance and the booking is full immediately. There is daily quota number of vehicles entering the gate, hence it is very important that you plan your trip in advance and book your gate entry as well as your Safari in advance. You can check more info by clicking the link : Tadoba Jeep Safari Booking

The reserve is divided into three zones, each having different access gates:

Moharli (Mohurli) Zone: This zone is known for the best tiger spotting and is also popular for offering good accommodation facilities to the tourists. The Moharli Gate is easily accessible from other two zone of Tadoba namely Tadoba Zone and Kolsa Zone.

Tadoba Zone: The Tadoba Zone is popular for offering diverse wildlife and scenic locations to the tourists. It is also accessible from four gates at Moharli, Navegaon, Kolara, and Khutwanda.

Kolsa Zone: The Kolsa Zone is much liked for its striking forest landscapes as the possibilities of spotting the wild animals are relatively lower in this zone. Entry to this zone is possible through gates at Moharli, Pangdi, and Zari.

I have visited Moharli twice and Kolsa once. I was lucky to spot tigers during all the safaris.

Tadoba Landscapes

Tadoba jungles are treat for nature lovers. You can hear different sounds of birds & trees. There are also special insects all the time making loud noise which is piercing sometimes in the peaceful environment. Overall the tall trees & bamboo forest surrounded by grasslands make a beautiful landscape frame as you can see below.



Bio-diversity at Tadoba Jungles

Tropical dry deciduous forests that are typical to South India dominate the canvas of Tadoba. Teak, crocodile bark, wodier, arjun, black plum and bamboo are among the common trees. The park is home to many trees used for herbal medicines and some of them include bija, hirda, beheda and kach kujali. Grassy patches across the park complete the picture.

Divided into three zones, Tadoba, Moharli and Kolsa, the park boasts of splendid natural vistas like rivers, lakes, hills and valleys. There are many machans (perches) in the park, two popular ones being Panchdhara and Vasant Bhandara, from where one can enjoy breathtaking sightseeing of animals and natural beauty. Waterholes near to these points attract wild creatures and it is your chance to explore the best of the park.

Tadoba Wildlife

Park’s core and buffer areas jointly accommodate nearly 65 tigers that are easy to spot. Tiger safari trips in gypsy or mini-bus take the tourists close to this majestic jungle beast. Just few minutes in the park and you will find one or two or more tigers crossing your way. Wildlife travelers who fail to encounter tigers at the very popular Kanha and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves get fortunate at Tadoba. Maya is very popular Tigress of Tadoba & also called as queen of Tadoba, there are many others  like Gabbar, Scarface etc.

Tadoba is an internationally famed wildlife spot where one can watch extraordinary Indian fauna and few migratory birds. Keep your binoculars and cameras ready for wonderful sights of:

  • Mammals like Indian leopard, Indian bison, dhole, sloth bear, stripped hyena, jungle cat, civet, spotted deer, chital and four-horned antelope.
  • Marsh crocodile (mugger) in huge number.
  • Indian python and other reptiles like Russell’s viper, cobra and Indian monitor.
  • Orange-headed thrush, Indian roller, lesser golden-backed woodpecker, crested honey buzzard and many other species of beautiful birds and raptors like crested serpent eagle and grey-headed fish eagle.
  • Nearly 75 species of butterflies like swordtails and pansies.

Mammals of Tadoba



Birds of Tadoba

Your Gypsy drivers & guides will be always chasing for Tigers but Tadoba jungles also hosts huge bird species. Very commonly seen is Indian Roller called as नीलकंठ in Marathi and Rufous Treepie. You can see in below picture Mottled Wood Owl, Open Bill Stork, Lesser Adjutant, Open Bill Stork & Crested Serpent Eagle. Commonly seen birds in Tadoba jungles are Kingfishers, types of Eagles, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Laughing Dove, Yellow Footed Green Pigeon. Wetland birds like Storks, types Ducks are also seen.



Photography at Tadoba

There are ample photography opportunities in Tadoba jungles. Remember following tips before you plan your trip :

  • Wear light color clothes, preferably camouflaged
  • You must carry Cap if you are visiting in Summer and off course also Sunscreen lotion.
  • Do not forget that you are entering the world of wild animals hence they get first priority always. Do not disturb their living.
  • Carry adequate water with you in the jungles to keep your body hydrated.
  • You can enjoy nature & other animals & birds if you don’t see Tiger.
  • If you want to photograph only tigers you can use 100-400 mm Lens. For bird photography you may need 150-600 mm.
  • Carry a Bean Bag with you because it helps to keep your camera steady in the gypsy. Tripod may not help in the gypsy.
  • Keep your camera covered with a cloth to prevent from dust.

Happy Clicking.


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